At Patriot Auto Detail, we are committed to providing the highest level of service at a competitive rate.

Listed below are our starting rates based on an average size vehicle.  These rates do not include our Military discounts or other special offers.


Package     Exterior Services

Starting Price


Detail Wash

Hand wash using paint safe products and techniques to prevent paint marring, full decontamination, cleaning of wheels and glass, blow dry and application of spray wax.





Ceramic Pro Sport

Inlcudes wash, decontamination, application of Ceramic Pro Sport coating and comes with a 6 month warranty.  Package also includes application of wheel and caliper coating to faces of wheels and 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain applied to all of the glass. 


Paint Correction (Multi-stage) Designed to eliminate 75-95% of the vehicles paint defects for cars with excessive paint swirls and marring. (Note... Some scratches may be to deep and have penetrated through the paint into the substrate, and therefore are not removable through the paint correction process.  Each vehicle will be fully inspected to determine what areas are fixable and those that are not.  Other options may be available to minimize the visability of deep scratches using touch up paint and wet sanding.  These options can be discussed at time of inspection.)



Ceramic Pro

Gold / Silver / Bronze

See our Ceramic Pro page for full details on the Gold, Silver & Bronze packages.  These packages receive a full exterior detail that includes wash, decontamination, two step paint correction and a final wax/grease removal prior to application of the Ceramic Pro Coatings. Depending on the packages requested, the process requires a minimum of 2 days and could take as many as 6 days.  On average a standard size car receiving the Gold Package will require 3-4 days.  A visual inspection of each vehicle is required to provide an accurate price.

Inspection Required

Package        Interior Services

Starting Price

Complete Interior

Includes removal of debris, vacuum, shampoo carpets and upholstery, steam clean, remove stains, clean and condition leather, clean all nooks and crevices. (Note... Dog/Cat hair, beach sand, cigarette smoke, vomit and feces will incur additional charges)


Interior Touch Up

Includes vacuum, steam cleaning of all nooks and crevices, and wipe down of all interior surfaces.



Odor Removal

Includes two hours of Ozone generator to kill mold, mildew and other odors once the source has been removed. (Note... Depending on the type of odor, additional work may be needed to elimate the odor source.  


Individual Packages

Since each vehicle is not equally dirty, we can tailor an interior package to fit what your vehicle needs to look like new again. 


Ceramic Pro Interior Coating Package Includes Textile coating, Leather coating, and Plastic coating of all interior surfaces.  (Note...  Heavily soiled interiors that require complete interior cleaning will be subject to additional charges.)                  $400


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